4 Signs You’re Ready to Get Married


My wife and I dated for a year-and-a-half before getting engaged. I would like to say I always knew we would one day get married. But the truth is, I didn’t always know. In fact, for a while I wasn’t sure.

Not because of anything having to do with my wife. Instead, I didn’t know if I was ready for marriage. I had been single my entire life and marriage seemed like such a big—and permanent—step.

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Don’t Wait to Enjoy Life


Have you ever called someone a worrywart? Apparently it’s an insult, because recently I told a friend he’s a worrywart and he got upset. But the thing is, it’s true. He is a worrywart.

For the longest time, he worried about whether he would get into law school. Once he got accepted, he worried about his grades. At no point did he seem to enjoy life. He was too consumed with worry and anxiety and unknowns.

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It’s Time to Prioritize Yourself


The morning is both my favorite, and least favorite, time of the day—depending on how it unfolds. A good morning begins early and includes exercising, writing, and some sort of spiritual activity like reading a devotional.

If I can start every morning that way, I’ll be a happy man—kind and loving to my wife, focused at work, and encouraging to my family and friends. But if the morning doesn’t proceed quite so well, the rest of the day is often a struggle.

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Searching for a Simplified Faith


It might not come as a surprise to learn that I’m fairly driven. I set goals and relentlessly pursue them until they’re accomplished. It’s how I’ve always been—even as a kid, I took pride in my focused discipline when it came to sports and video games. As I grew older, it propelled me to reach my most unlikely dreams, even after countless rejections and failures.

By and large, this quality has benefited me throughout my life. When it comes to faith, though, my type-A personality hasn’t always worked itself out in a healthy way.

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Believing in the Face of Uncertainty


I’ve never liked uncertainty. When there’s relational instability, I’ll do almost anything to resolve it. When I’m confused about my future, I’ll obsess until I’ve clarified it. When there’s a project due or a test approaching, I’ll over-prepare to ensure success.

Above nearly all else, I value stability and consistency, predictability and certainty. Which is why, for a long time, I struggled with my faith in God.

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The Night She Yelled at Me


My wife and I live on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. It’s a beautiful part of the city, with blocks of historic row houses, red-bricked sidewalks, neighborhood parks, and tree-lined streets.

What we especially like about the area is that it feels removed from the craziness of the nation’s capital, yet it’s close enough to get anywhere in the city on a bike.

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How to Overcome the Biggest Hurdle


It’s always the hardest part, no matter the size or scope of the project. Full of doubt, I teeter between despair and giving up. It’s too much to handle—too much work, too much pressure, too much everything.

Of course, I’m talking about starting.

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Why Doesn’t God Show Up?

Between my late teens and early twenties, I became convinced that I was on the verge of a spiritual epiphany—a paradigm shift that would revolutionize how I viewed and interacted with God.

It would upset my conventional understanding of Christianity, replacing it with something contagious and overflowing. It would transform a structured, rote faith into a radical, fresh life.

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Is it Time to Quit?


From childhood, we’re told to never give up. To keep trying, even when the going gets tough. The movies we watch, the stories we read, the lessons we learn all reinforce this message.

Never quit. Or, as Winston Churchill said, “Never, never, never give up.”

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I Can’t Hide it Anymore


It wasn’t long ago that I saw something surprising in the mirror—a gray hair. With tweezers, I plucked it from my head, hopeful no one spotted it.

Since then, identifying and extracting unwelcome gray hairs has become a part of my routine. But last week, I saw not just one gray hair, but five or six. Instead of grabbing my tweezers, I left my hair alone. Then I acknowledged reality.

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