Another Night Alone

Twenty-six years, it’s moved so fast,
Another night alone, will it be the last?
Is there time enough, space on the clock,
To turn this life toward providence’s call?

Like trees without leaves, a home without heat,
Death without grief, returning just to leave;
My heart remains cold, unmoved by your scars,
Wrestling for a name, blocking the brightest star.

I want to feel a spark inside my life,
I want to see a fire fill the midnight sky,
But I’m fading away, I’m sinking underneath,
Another withering leaf, another rotting tree.

If you offered a breath, filled my suffocating lungs,
Opened my mouth, placed a finger on my tongue,
Could I even fake it, mumble the words,
Remember the melody to redemption’s song?

See, the sins of my past, the tendencies I have,
Cling to my back, saturate my head;
Freeze me within, though summer warm,
Hopeless to thaw, through winter’s storm.

Yet I still search for a hidden escape,
An answer to solve riddles fooling my brain;
But could I accept life is nothing less,
Than aging until we drop to our death?

As nighttime crawls, draws closer to dawn,
I pray to forget all that keeps me awake;
With every thought my heart slips away,
Like a stone in the sea, a sunset in grey.

Another night alone, another year slips by,
Please tell me there is hope left for my life;
Forgive all these doubts consuming my mind,
This time I have wasted, this life I now live.

– Fall 2008