Life’s Questions

If my life, as of now,
Was all that you allowed,
Would you even be content,
With what my life meant?

If I were made to choose,
And turned from you confused,
Would you look at me at all,
Stand me back up tall?

If I bumped into you,
In a crowded room,
Would you recognize me,
Or remember my name?

If ten years from today,
I still wander astray,
Will you love me the same,
And cover all my shame?

If all I can give,
Is to go on and live,
Would you walk by my side,
And be my trusted guide?

If when I am old,
And my bones are so cold,
Will you find any worth,
Of me on this earth?

And when I pass from this place,
Done at last, finish the race,
Will my eyes open to see,
A new life, my hope in thee?

For if there is a design,
To the grand movement of time,
How can I ignore,
This knocking on my door?

– February 2006