Lonely Summer Drive

Where am I going, so far from home?
Sun disturbed by a grey rain storm;
So little faith in childhood dreams—
Still time to turn before I leave.

Life pushes forward, fool to forget,
Yesterday’s wreck, hidden regret.
This chance I take, risk for free,
Wish for more, one more read.

Somber silence, who made the choice,
Hide inside, left to be destroyed?
Forget the past, become naive,
Without memory, forced to believe.

Am I even free, turn the wheel,
See my life, crash down a hill;
Flip a switch, lift a bridge,
See the train, fall off the ridge?

I am not blind to mysterious signs,
I do not live drenched in denial;
But when truth trips every single light,
Guard my shadow and hide at night.

Lonely summer drive, under gravity’s pull,
Eclipsed of life, never shining full;
Desolate valleys, hidden cavities,
One man’s heart, no one to lead.

There are still visions, storybook romance,
A drop of faith in a sea of chance;
But this road has closed, this curtain has fallen,
There’s nothing left, but for me to leave.

– June 2007