Thoughts of Life’s Passing Arc

Early morning, nighttime dark,
Thoughts of life’s passing arc.
Time looks back, days before,
To the age of adore.

Vast empty fields, ocean blue,
Power lines not in view,
Atop trees all is clear,
Give a smile, never fear.

Within the touch – something there,
Warm embrace, she’s so near;
Fireplace, burning leaves,
Born again, who believes?

“Go – jump inside, it won’t hurt,”
Hesitate, she’s a flirt,
Mountaintop, down that hill?
There’s next time . . . wait until.

Hide in your bed where it’s warm,
Promise made, winter’s storm,
Pull it down – leave behind,
“It’s a lie in your mind.”

Look into eyes – they are real,
Life is hard, you must heal;
Spring in bloom, walking on,
Pass the past, sprint towards dawn.

Sterile hallway, broken books,
Written words, boring looks;
Take ten steps, open lane,
Isolate – back again?

Noontime sunlight, you’re awake,
Second taste – double take,
Dream in color, tearless cry,
Fix your course, eye the prize.

A magnet’s pull, hope alive,
Just slip in – you arrive;
Hurricane, finish first,
Freedom’s march, greater thirst.

“Wait a minute – is she real?”
Something new, now I feel;
Melted dream, drunken fight,
From the ash, brighter light.

Sideways forward, limping fate,
Stumble onto something great;
Planted seed, peek inside,
Future forward, rising tide.

This dark morning, stuck in time,
Airbag crash, out you climb,
Memories: give them rest,
Future life: present quest.

– March 2006