What is Life at 25?

One more year passes me by,
What is life at twenty-five?
All my dreams seem nothing more,
A preview of the absent shore.

When I sit and look around,
Reason all that I have found,
How can I not come to doubt,
That there was another route?

Even when I try to hide,
They must know I’m so blind;
Tripping on scripted words,
Wandering from this world’s herd.

Always pulled from those I love,
Waiting for a sign above,
Answer to life’s secret void,
Prove that it might be enjoyed.

She walks out, alone again,
Leaves me to search in vain,
For someone to fix my heart,
Beam of light on what’s been dark.

So tired of this summer rain,
Always in the midst of pain,
Nighttime dreams stuck back in time,
Sun is out, but there’s no light.

Maybe in one more year,
I’ll forget these drowning fears;
Life moves on, just like before,
When I was just twenty-four.

–¬†October 2006